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Beauty Blender - Tear-Shaped Round

Beauty Blender - Tear-Shaped Round

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This latex-free, makeup sponge features an egg-shape design for delivering seamless blending, detailing, and application of liquid and cream formulas.

Applying makeup with a sponge ensures that your foundation will go on smoothly.

Easy to maneuver and simple to clean, this long-lasting tool will be a forever favorite


Make sure you wet it before using it.

A beauty blender is supposed to be used wet. If you skip this step and use it dry the foundation won't apply right.

A damp sponge will give you a dewy, streak-free finish but will also prevent wastage of that expensive foundation.

When you wet it, the water causes it to swell and increase in size. 

This ensures that your makeup isn’t soaked up by the porous sponge, allowing seamless application.

  • Use the rounded edges to apply makeup to larger areas of your face, like your cheeks and forehead.
  • Use the pointed edge for hard-to-reach areas that need precision, like the sides of your nose, your under eyes, and along the lips.
  • Blend it all out and put its egg shape to good use!

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