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R&B Algae Mask

R&B Algae Mask

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R&B Algae Mask: your ultimate secret weapon for Resurfacing and Brightening your skin, while keeping your skincare routine effortlessly cool.

Packed with 10% lactic acid, blue green algae, and bentonite clay, this mask is about to take your glow game to a whole new level.

Resurface, brighten, and embrace the R&B Algae Mask – your go-to companion for a complexion that sings.

Are you ready to experience the magic?

SIZE: 2 oz


  • 10% lactic acid
  • blue green algae
  • bentonite clay
  • plant-based, cruelty-free
  • 2 oz glass jar - reusable/recyclable


  • gently exfoliates away dead skin cells
  • absorbs impurities, excess oil, and environmental pollutants
  • helps fade skin discoloration
  • a beauty routine you'll actually look forward to!
  • up to 20 applications


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